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Chères lectrices, l'heure du repos a sonné pour vos slims (et ce n'est que justice pour ce si bon basique) : la saison voit large et une armée de jeans Flare semble avoir envahie podiums, rues et portants. La prescription des Drôles de Dames, fraîchement promues icônes du cool : ballerines, pochette XXL et dentelle de fille. Côté perruque, le blond cendré est un plus. Enfin, un bandana de loulou viendra doper le flou Hamiltonien de votre dégaine.

Dear readers, it's time to move on: even if skinny jeans are the best basics ever for our legs, flares are everywhere this season. How would Charlie's Angels (now the coolest girls in town) wear some? Definitely with some girly lace, flats and a giant brown leather clutch. Don't forget, also, to go blonde: that's definitely a plus if you want to get this cali-cool "je ne sais quoi". And a red bandana will definitely give the perfect twist to your outfit! 

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14 commentaires

  1. Love the flare jeans. And, the pop of color with the bandana!! So fun.

    Check out my fav looks from NYFW @

    1. Thank you !! Indeed, the bandana gives a cool twist to the whole ensemble :-)

  2. I love this 70s kitschy inspiration, the hem design of the denim is adorable.

  3. Très classe les Miu Miu !

  4. Perfect wishlist
    This post is just incredible! Well done :DD

  5. I love how you styled this outfit, wide legged pants are definitely a favorite of mine! Keep up the awesome work:):)

  6. love being simple and classic !
    the shoes choice is totally my cup of tea

  7. Définitivement non aux ballerines...
    Oui au flare !

    Bises, Crazy Clemcy


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