Current cravings: un hiver coloré


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Parka, Surface To Air - Shirt, Sass & Bide - Necklace, IRM Design - Bag, By Malene Birger - Loafers, Charlotte Olympia - Sunglasses, Oakley - Boots, Topshop. 

Le gris, le noir et le bleu marine dominent ma garde-robe. Mais l'hiver s'étiolant, je jette (forcément) un oeil aux nouvelles collections qui fleurissent ici ou là. Et le léopard n'est plus le seul à s'attirer mes faveurs, j'ai très envie d'orange, de bordeaux, même de jaune (?!). Bref, en ce moment, mes envies se résument ainsi: tout et son contraire. A demain! 

Gray is the color that dominates my wardrobe. But winter is fading away, I can't prevent myself from  discovering new collections that bloom here and there. And the leopard is not only to attract me, I'm in the mood for orange, burgundy, even yellow(?!). Basically, at this moment, my desires are as follows: everything and its opposite. See you tomorrow!

current cravings la mode la mode la mode Net A Porter Oakley Surface To Air. Topshop wishlist

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15 commentaires

  1. La chemise est bien canon comme il faut !

  2. voilà une sélection qui a du chien ! j'aime tout !

  3. Le collier es top et ces couleurs mettent de bonne humeur

    fabuleux :)

  4. Love the loafers so much!!!

  5. AHAAAN la parka et les boots, doux jésus !!!

  6. Surface to Air is such a delightful brand~ I am drawn to that label myself! Cool collection!

    -Lauren at adorn la femme

  7. Me encanta el collar!!!

  8. J'adore la chemise be matière :)

    New post - Kisses

  9. Great sunglasses!

  10. omgosh these are amazing picks! i also love the shirt too!

    hope you'll visit back

  11. also love gray! I often combine gray jeans and with blue one. great choice. we have to experiment with colors!!! ;P

    Greetings from Berlin

  12. Oh my I want those sunglasses! They are awesome X

  13. trop bon choix !! les Oakley sont vraiment superbes !


Thanks for all your comments ♥